Park photos

I finally took a photography jaunt. This is a nearby park, which I always enjoy, with the geese and ducks. SANY3840 med ir SANY3825 med ir SANY3845 med ir SANY3868 med ir SANY3866 med ir

I feel like I’m depleted–creatively and energy-wise. I put everything into the last project, and when I submitted it Wednesday, I told myself to take some time “off”. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it feels wrong…ya know? I have done a slight bit of writing and planning, but I need to recharge. So, the commune with nature at the park, yesterday–helped. Seeing kids and dads with their fishing poles. And families having a birthday party at the park. It feeds the soul.

I went to see Hamlet. Whoa! I haven’t read Hamlet in 30 years. Have never seen a live action Shakespeare play before. They normally do a Shakespeare in the park, but with the rain and mud, they moved it to an indoor venue for one night. So, at least I was out of the humidity and mosquitoes. They did a wonderful job. I am always keeping my eye open for local acting talent. Maybe we could cast someone in a video project someday. I saw three actors who really caught my eye.

But, that being said, Hamlet, as a play, is not my cup of tea.

What’s my favorite play (that I’ve seen) of all time? 42nd Street!

As the advertisement said: “It’s tap dance heaven!”

Me: “Give me 42nd Street or give me death!”

Well…in the contest between plays…Hamlet is death. Why must tragedy be the ultimate theme? Why is Hamlet considered the ultimate play? In a way, death is easy. It’s living that’s hard. Someone needs to write a play about that!

(Oh wait! I already did!)




  1. #1 by A Pondering Mind on June 29, 2014 - 10:32 pm

    Great photos, and nothing wrong with taking a break. Every now and then, you gotta recharge the batteries…

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