Rudderless – the trailer

Rudderless, directed by William H. Macy and starring Billy Crudup and Anton Yelchin has released a trailer.

Rudderless on IMDB

Rudderless on Wikipedia

Rudderless on Facebook

I was an extra on this movie, and I was there the day they shot the opening scene in this trailer. (I’m not in the trailer, but maybe I made the final cut for the movie??? Who knows? It’s super fun to be a part of, no matter if you make the final cut or not!)

Acting is such a blast. I was trying to explain to someone the difference between acting and producing. With acting, you are prepared, and you go and do your job. You do what you are told, exactly, and you obey someone else’s vision for the project.

With producing, you have the weight of responsibility on your shoulders, so any problem or issue or any decision you make, has the possiblity to derail the project.

So, for me, acting is almost like a vacation. You go and do this thing; you meet interesting people (other creative people), and you know that your efforts have contributed (no matter how inconsequential, any effort a human puts into a movie is important) to the final result.

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