I just got a comment on my wordpress page:

<<Just finished FAMOUS or Not. Couldn’t put it down. >>

How amazing is that?

The book has been out for awhile now. I haven’t done any publicity specific to that book, or to that pen name, for awhile. (Other projects, Project D in particular, have taken priority.)

But, for someone to take the time to contact an author, or indeed, any creative person, that is soooo appreciated. When you’re at this level…trying to increase your visibility, and trying to “make it”, for someone to take the time to give feedback, it really gives a creative person a boost.

So much of what we do is a solitary pursuit. Writing is not a team sport! LOL (Even with my writing partners, on other projects, it’s still quite a solitary pursuit.) So, to get positive feedback, it means so much more than you know.

When you are creating a piece of art from scratch, and most of the world knows nothing about your current project, it can be like flying blind through space. When that book was in process, who knows if anyone would ultimately like it? Who knows if it would touch anyone?

I don’t write for other people. I write for myself. If  a manuscript satisfies my intentions, then the project is a success. If even ONE other person likes it, that’s gravy.

But, I tell you, for a long dry spell, when the creativity hasn’t flowed as much as I want it to (and when real life issues keep hammering away, chipping at your psyche), having a feedback about a piece of work that I AGONIZED over…thank you.

So, what other feedbacks have happened lately? When I think about it, there have been a few, and now, gathering them up in one place, it’s been a boost.

A few weeks ago, someone contacted me, out of the blue and wanted to use one of my photos, and she asked permission. I did not know this person, and had not encountered her before. So, for it to be a cold contact, and for her to appreciate my photo, that is a boost.

I was working on computers for an acquaintance of mine a few weeks ago. His wife, who has read some of my books, asked me how many I had in print now. I said, “Nine.” Her eyes got big and she talked about  needing to get caught up. LOL

Last week, I was sitting on the couch with my best friend. He said something about “…when you host the homecoming parade next weekend.”

I said that I didn’t host the homecoming parade. He said I did. I said I didn’t. He said he’d seen me do it.

It was a pretty good argument (the fun kind, where we are both smiling). His wife came by just then, and said, “Amanda doesn’t host the Homecoming parade. She hosts the Christmas parade!”


[That was fun.]

One of my oldest and dearest friends said recently, “I listen to your music all the time. I can’t understand why you aren’t on the radio!”

So, to all..thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for sending a little love my way. I will try to repay the compliment…and encourage and compliment other creative people, as I encounter them in the coming weeks/months.

As I have learned…sending a little positivity into the universe can be a very tiny drop of effort….but the amount of joy that you get in return, as it makes its way around and rolls back at you…that is boundless.

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