IMG_0458 med ir

I went out on my back porch for a breath of air, and the moon was trying to rise from behind storm clouds to the east.  To complicate things, there is a thunderstorm building to the southeast. I went to get one of my cameras, and I played a lot with the night settings.

It’s an interesting photography experiment. These cameras do so, so much. It’s almost intimidating to think of the permutations on the number of settings.

After the download, I went back outside to take more pics, but the cloud bank had obscured the moon.


I feel inspired to create a new poem.

Light in the darkness

Searching for a beacon

while walking in the darkness

trusting not to falter

the path, obscured, walking blindly

Is it the grand plan, the grand scheme, the steps towards destiny?

Grab onto the spark

light – lights the way

moments of certainty, moments of doubt

the moonpath, what came before, what is to come…fate


Or, if you prefer something shorter:

Moonlight, practice shot

camera settings are endless

hope I can focus!


(Is camera two syllables or three? LOL)


Okay…I looked it up on and it can be two syllables or three.


I guess I’ll make an arbitrary decision and say two, since that makes my haiku work out!

Ah…the decisions an artist has to make!



  1. #1 by A Pondering Mind on October 10, 2014 - 1:12 pm

    Nice photo…

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