Butterflies are free

IMG_0472 cr med ir

What luck to get this shot. This morning, the butterfly had landed on my garage. I got the camera, and managed to get four shots. When its wings were open, I’d snap the shot, but by then the wings would be closed. So…on the fourth shot, I snapped when the wings were closed and got the shot above. I never am close enough to get good insect or bird shots. I  stepped off the porch, and it flew away. At least I got this.

Then after the download, seeing the shadow, really seemed to add something special. I wish it hadn’t had that glaring white background, but there’s nothing I can do about that. LOL Butterflies do not take kindly to having a director yell instructions! LOLOL

We’ve had a project in mind to shoot video for. I had thought about going out tomorrow (Monday), but the chance of rain really increases tomorrow. So, I called my movie partner, and said I was thinking about going out today (Sunday) and did he want to go? He did. So, without planning, off we went to get this one shot of B-roll. On the way there, we were kicking around ideas, and my partner came up with an unbelievably amazing idea for this specific project. So, we’ll film that. It’s a bit more complicated than what I had in mind, but it’s so good, it’s worth the effort. So, hopefully, I’ll have that up on youtube within three weeks. The last couple of video projects we’ve done haven’t been for public consumption, so it’ll be nice to have a video project we can share. Anyway, it’s super fun to have a good project in the works-something we’re excited about.

We need to acquire specific props to use, and also find a day when the weather will cooperate.

Have a lovely week!


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