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So, I was out tromping through this field yesterday, where we’re shooting B-roll for the current project. Our project is a viewer created commercial, and we are limited to 30 seconds. So, that’s very, very short.

I think about expanding this project to something longer, to make a short documentary. We’ll have the same theme, but not re-use any shots we put in the commercial. Imagine if I had 2 1/2 minutes to work with? Or 5? What can you say in that amount of time that you can’t say in 30 seconds? To make 30 seconds count, you really have to make your content pack a wallop! You don’t have time to ease into the story. You have to GRAB the viewer and get their attention from the first instant.

Anyway, I put on jeans and boots and a hat and sunglasses, and carried a bottle of water, and cameras and tripod, and my cellphone. What else do you need to tromp about a quarter mile in the hot field in the sun? Kleenex (not for the camera, for me), lens cleaner, alternate lens, remote for camera. Because…for damn sure…you don’t want to get ALL the way out here, and have to go back to the car.

Does Ron Howard do this? Hike in the dust and stalks and weeds, and pollens and bugs, and sun and heat? Or…when you get to be a big name director…do you HIRE people to do this for you? LOL

We need two more “have to get” shots, and one more “we’ve like to get it, but acquiring the props will be a challenge” shot. Then record the audio and then the editing can begin.


My creativity has been slow this year, or so it seems, but this morning, I had inspiration and I wrote a monologue to submit to a theatre festival. It had to be on a theme, “Happy Hour”, and the writer could interpret that theme however he/she wanted. I hadn’t really thought about it this week, but today, I started with one idea and abandoned it. Then THE idea hit me, and I wrote it. Then edited and tweaked and proofed and tweaked again. Then submitted, and it bounced. Looked up the correct email address, and submitted again. The great thing about this particular opportunity is they notify quickly. If you get picked, this all happens quickly. I am fairly new to this “game” of pitching plays, and in some cases, you submit and have to wait months. But, I work at these small projects, to build the resume and gain experience, because….when big time opportunity knocks, I want to be ready.

In this monologue, I wrote something personal. Something from the heart, and something that is something I would normally not share. It’s not a story I’ve told to anyone. I tend to keep my feelings and personal opinions close to the vest. So, when I started writing the first attempt, it had no content, nothing…personal. Then I wrote THE monologue, sharing things in it that I have not told any other human. As a writer, that’s the kind of thing that the reader/viewer/audience will respond to. But, to be the one to open yourself up and lay yourself on the line…whoa. You feel stripped open. You are vulnerable in a way that you’ve never been before.


Back to photography…the field above is a field of milo, which is a grain. That top photo really doesn’t do justice in a small format. When I click on it, and open it wide, it really hits me with the ‘wow’ factor.


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