The American Farmer – Doritos “CrashTheSuperbowl” 2015 entry

Doritos still

This is our contest entry for Doritos 2015 CrashTheSuperbowl.

The contest is at…and I’ll tell you one thing, after viewing the Gallery, you’ll really wish you had some Doritos! LOL

Actually, we’ve been working on this for the last five weeks. So, we bought the big red bag, above, to use as a prop. But, after thinking about Doritos, all day, I bought the blue snack size bag to have for a snack!’

I’ve been carrying the big red bag of Doritos in my car, for filming. It’s still there, now! The best part of completing this project today: We can now open the BIG BAG of Doritos.

Hey…you take your fun in this business, where you can find it. 🙂

In all seriousness, Don and I have a lot of fun, no matter what project we choose to work on. We went out filming, on numerous days, to obtain the video for this. Today, having already cut the video, Don came in and recorded VO (voice over) and we did a ton of editing and work and post production and effects. This video looks easy. It is anything but easy.

But, part of the time, you’re patting yourself on the back, for having dug into the software (with such a steep learning curve) (and in truth, not just the software, but the whole of filmmaking)  and knowing how to achieve what you want. I think of our first “viewer created” commercial, back in the day…which we created with Windows Movie Maker, and I think about how far we’ve come into this journey we call filmmaking.

This commercial was Don’s vision. I had picked a theme, and thought up some shots and some dialog, but he took the idea and ran with it. On a lot of projects, the initial plan for what we film comes from my head. This all came from Don’s head. And I love his brilliance. The shot list, the filming, the editing, the writing, the acting. It’s all him. All I had to do was show up with a camera, and he told me where to set up, what to film, how to film. It was easily 80% less work than I normally have to do as cinematographer. (And that was fun–getting to do such a great project, and it be not as much mental work as I normally put into a thing.) He had planned each shot to the Nth degree.

Working with the old tractor…now that was a challenge. In order to get the seven second shot, we worked for hours. It was Don and I and two of his friends who “volunteered” (ie-got roped in to! LOL) helping. That tractor and old plow did NOT want to cooperate. As Don said, “Next time I want to work with animals or antiques, – change my mind!”

But, we got the shot!

This is a great contest. They choose a number of finalists, and those commercials get aired on the Super Bowl. The more views you get and the more ratings you get, the better your chances.

So…this being election day and all…when you’re in the Doritos gallery, I’d appreciate your vote!



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