Riding the wave…

This blog is about creativity. So, I try not to write about day to day issues; problems; everyday life, irritations, complaints, etc. They exist. They are there. But the blog is about living a creative life and trying to fulfill my…destiny.

I believe I was put on this Earth to do this. Somehow, all these projects, all of this work, will all add together and synergize and…live its function. I have to believe that I will fulfill my purpose here, otherwise…what has this all been for?

It ain’t easy. I don’t blog about the lows; the problems; the depression side of bipolar tendencies; the heartaches; the people who knock you down, etc.

But, when the opposite happens, something that can only be described as a gift from Above, divine intervention, Fate, the universe…

I still can’t believe things have unfolded as they have the last month.

Because…something has happened that is so extraordinary. I keep saying “This is not humanly possible!”

Part of the story, I’ve blogged about before. I woke up November 11 with the book in my head. It was one I had started years before, but in the current parlance of time, it wasn’t in active memory or being actively worked on. It was just there. So, I wrote that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and I finished it on Sunday.

That’s not possible. 80% of a book in 6 days. That Sunday night, I started the first edit. Worked on that Monday and Tuesday. Finished the first edit.

But then, as of about 9:00 am that Tuesday morning (by now we’re up to November 18), I had no idea what the sequel was, or where it was set, nor the plot…nothing. By 10 am, I had thought of where to set it, and a few details.

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a break on these writing jags at our local drug store lunch counter. Our town’s drugstore has an old-timey soda fountain, and the atmosphere is just wonderful. So, I can have lunch there, and it’s a way to not be staring at the computer screen for a little bit.

I came home that day and…without prior planning or plotting (I mean–really–to write a book, you have to think about it and plan and know what’s going to happen. There has to be some work done, ahead of time, before you start the writing, right?)…and I started writing the second book in this mystery series.

That’s what I do. I start it, then put it away and let it simmer.

So, the rest of that week, I did the second edit on the first book. I did the “out loud” proof, which is the best way to find typos. (It’s also my least favorite task of this whole process.)

In the midst of all of this, I guess I’d been talking about it quite a bit, and my best friend said, “So, do I get to read it?”

I wasn’t going to impose on him, but if he’s willing, then…oh yeah.

So, I send it to him.

Then the  long holiday weekend comes up this week. I came home from the day job Wednesday. Did some stuff in the evening, and…without planning, I opened the file on the second book in this mystery series. And started writing. And writing and writing.

44 pages on Thursday. (It’s the first time I’ve ever not watched the Thanksgiving parade. )

37 pages on Friday.

34 pages on Saturday.

This is not humanly possible. Some other…miracle… is happening here.

Friday after all that output, I was just a zombie. You put your whole soul into the writing. So, when I was done for the day, I could hardly function.

Saturday, I stopped about 3:00 and made myself do other things, but I didn’t know if I was done writing for the day or not.

I think I stopped writing just to try to preserve the human. Because having given that much…having projected that much life force into something, what is left, but the shell of the human?

These last three weeks, it’s almost like I was in a bubble, and while I was in there, I could function at this high level.

I have 80% of the second mystery written. It’s not as tight as the first one. There are things I’ll need to go back and fix. So, while I could finish it now, I will make myself wait and go back and fix the holes and pacing. Then I’ll come back and tie it all up.

When it became apparent that “something was going on here,” my two closest creative friends said…”Just ride the wave, as long as it lasts.”

I never dreamed it would last this long.

So, finally, yesterday, I was able to talk to my best friend about the first mystery. He doesn’t pull punches, and he will ALWAYS tell me the truth.

He said he couldn’t put it down. He said he had to know what was going to happen next.

I said, “Thumbs up or thumbs down?”

He said and it’s a direct quote. “Thumbs up. Definitely, thumbs up!”



  1. #1 by A Pondering Mind on November 30, 2014 - 8:52 pm

    When the creative juices start flowing, then by all means just type away. It’s like having an adrenaline rush, and that can be a good thing…

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