..and writing.

Words have been pouring out of me. Stories pouring out of me. Prior to this writing jag, the most I’d ever written in a day was 12,000 words, which was one day on Marriage 101.

I like to aim for the 6000 word day. But, lots of times, when I’m up early and have to go to the day job, I write for an hour, and might get 2500 words. Those days add up. It’s nothing to sneeze at. Or resent. Any output is a worthy way to spend time.

But I’ve never experienced anything like the last five weeks. I had a 14,500 word day. I’ve had many, many 12,000 word days.

The brain is engaged, and things just flow. I can’t take credit for it. This happened to me. I didn’t make it happen.

So, as I said in the last blog post, when these life things happen, you go with them.

Ride the wave, as long as you can.

It won’t last. Something else will crop up in the creative spectrum, and it’ll take the time and attention. But I have enjoyed the last 5 weeks. It’s been a miracle of sorts. To have this much output.

Is there anything quite so satisfying as being a writer and typing the words THE END?

Working on a huge project, and seeing it thru to completion.

For such a miraculous gift in my life: Gracias!


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