Yesterday  I posted a pic of a modern times grain elevator, which they use for grain storage. Today’s pic is of an old time grain silo. This is what they used for storage in the older days.

Quite a difference!

The saving grace to a very cold, dark winter, is the green you see in the pic. This is winter wheat. In a time when the world is flat and brown and dormant and lifeless, the winter wheat is green, and it is restful on the eyes…until such time as spring arrives again, and brings us green grasses and leafy trees and renewed hope.


Today is Elvis’ birthday. He’s my favorite artist of all time, and here is a link to my favorite Elvis track. Being an artist and having this level of talent, and sharing it with the world–it’s an awesome responsibility. It took a tremendous toll on him. But he lived his art, despite all the hardships.

I struggle with the creativity and how it affects my life. Actually, that’s not true. The truth is…I struggle with life and how it fits into the creativity. I am doing a good bit of writing (fiction), despite the winter time which seems to affect everything. I went to the piano yesterday and banged and played and sang at the top of my lungs! It wasn’t show calibre performance, but it let something out. <g>

I wish for you, whatever your outlet, that you find in life, all that is wonderful!


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