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This is a Howitzer! I have always wanted to stop and take photographs of this machine, which is in a nearby Veteran’s memorial, so today I stopped.

SANY4246 med ir

I have always wanted to drive a vehicle, with this kind of tread! I’ll put it on my “bucket list”. A few years ago, I achieved one of my “bucket list” “I need to drive one of those…” items: I got to drive a forklift!! up, I want to drive a Zamboni! So…yeah…who’s gonna let me drive a tank? So far–no one! LOL

It’s hard to go do photography in the winter time. Too much cold and things out in the world aren’t that pretty to look at! But, at least I got a few photos today.


For over a week, my top creative project has been a playwriting project with my co-writer. We have had some intense days, pulling together the final stages of a major project. This one has been in works for 6 years. Things ebb and flow. You work awhile, then put it away and let it gel, then come back to it with fresh eyes.

So, we worked on it last week, and finished our “read thru” on Friday. All that night, I wrestled with it (the thinking phase), tossing and turning in bed. I got up early and started in on the next draft. I worked and worked and worked and worked…and finally achieved the next draft (draft 8!). By 1pm, I was finished writing for the day. Trouble was, I was finished with everything for the day! Do other creative people go through this? I had used up every single scrap of energy. I had focused all that energy into one bracket of hours, and when it was done, I was done. I went to bed–at 1pm. I got up about 5, but couldn’t stay up. Back to bed. Up at about 11pm and had a sandwich, then back to bed. Finally, by about 6 am, I could function.

It’s a form of managing your creativity, or managing your energy. I don’t notice other people doing this.

But, when you are gathering that energy, before the thing…it may take quite some time to gather up. So, the work sits there, dormant, until you are able to work it. Then, there’s that big, huge, ….output. I want to use the word: bloop. I have no idea how to describe it. When you push it out…the thing…the work, etc.

I describe it as a catapult, and the mental picture in my mind is of this.
It’s from an episode of Northern Exposure, and something about the visual of this scene, really seems to “be” what my internal process is.

I’d love to know more about everyone else’s internal process. How does this all work for you? What happens to you, when you create a piece of creativity?

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