End of night



End of Night

End of Night

X marks the spot

X marks the spot

Happy February! Do warmer days approach? Dare I dream to hope? Knowing how the cold weather affects my creativity, then I long for warmer days. Even now, just holding the camera, it makes me want to go out and shoot video. But it’s 14* F this morning, and even being out for three minutes made my fingers cold!

Creativity isn’t totally shut down. We have worked for an intense month and (dare I say) finished a major writing project. We have a couple of friends doing reading and evaluation, so I’m not quite at the “it’s done” declaration yet. But I am through with my part of it, and I am very pleased with where the project is. This is the culmination of six years worth of work!

I have two things “on deck”. One is to go through a major screenplay and update it and finalize it. And I need to do an edit on one of my recent mystery manuscripts. But, I can’t seem to “dive in” to either of those. I need some buffer zone, between finishing the last project and starting another.

So, I pulled out a children’s book series and am working on the writing of that.

So, writing seems to be percolating, in one fashion or another. Music is in hibernation, as is filmmaking. All yesterday I kept wanting to go photo shooting, but it was dark and gray and there’s not much out there to shoot (that’s different) in wintertime. So, I was grateful, this morning, to look out my kitchen window and see the neat moonset, with such a magical glow around the moon.


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