March snows

DSCF9699 med ir

DSCF9693 med ir

I’m a bit tired of the snow (and winter in particular), but at least the snow provides some good photo opps. 🙂

Things are progressing in other creativity. The musical is at the- “I’m done, but am I really done?” – stage.  It happened so quickly, that I needed this down time, to think it over. So, it’s bouncing around in my head, both music and manuscript. Still, this whole project has been pretty cool.

I started the screenplay for a sci-fi that’s been in my head for awhile. I sent notes to my writing partner, so we will be working on that. It’s funny, but these projects…they bounce around in my head, until they are done ‘percolating’, and then they come out. You have no idea how long the gestation period will be. For this one–it’s a tad on the ‘long’ side. By that, I mean – 20 years! In my head. Being thought about.

Given the snows and cold weather, I am anxious for warmer weather. I’ve been able to ‘write’ all winter, but any form of filmmaking or out-in-the-world music has been constrained by the cold weather. I call it “winter time shut down mode”. Well, given that the writing really didn’t shut down this winter, at least some forms of creativity were happening. And I try to keep photography going all year round, hence the pics above.

Have a lovely week!

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