Photos: the countryside

Three pathways

Three pathways

I was out photo shooting, and the place I was trying to get to – I couldn’t find. But I did get a few interesting photos. I call this one “Three Pathways”. The railroad on the left lies parallel with the highway on the right. Then the cross road at the bottom of the pic is about 90* perpendicular to each. It was an interesting study in angles.

Wintertime has been flat and dark and brown. Soon, this grass will be green and bright and brilliant. I may have to go take a springtime photo from this same spot! LOL

DSCF9703 med ir



I think not! LOL



I love this. We shot this from a moving car. I was trying to shoot the cloud. But the blurred foreground really jumped out in the pic. And the cloud was centered!

DSCF9705 med ir


I loved this. This is a tiny, tiny cemetery. Someone had put up Christmas decorations, and not taken them down. They were faded, but still intact. I loved the lines of the gate bars and the circle of the wreath.  (An the diagonal cross bars just offset so beautifully.)

Weekly accomplishments:

Writing and more writing. My musical is in the “put it away” stage. When I create something, and when it’s that, that intense…then I need to ‘box it away’ and not think about it. Then I can come back to it with fresh eyes.

So, what to work on next?

Sci-fi screenplay? But I need to go over story ideas with my writing partner. So, I pull out the fiction I last worked on in December. And wrote a good bit on it.

Thank goodness writing didn’t go dormant this winter. I am ready for spring, for all of my creativity to Wake Up!

Have a lovely, wonderful, warm, safe week.

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