DSCF9994 med ir


DSCF9993 cr med ir

Well, we had some weather here in Oklahoma. I didn’t go out “weather photo shooting”, but as I’d be out, if I saw something interesting, I’d snap a shot (on the fly, as it were).

The second one was most striking in real life. That little bit of top cloud that had light on it, while the rest was in shadow.

But, when I downloaded, the top pic was the most striking of all.


So, what’s on the creative burners these days?

I had queried a potential agent, trying to get kick started for the new mystery series. (And I’ve done other queries along the process). But, this time, the “lack” of results, really kicked me in the teeth. There are some industries that notify you as a standard, if you have a query out to them. Some industries do not notify. But, in my experience, an agent query is one that as-part-of-their-job, notifies.

This one didn’t. I finally sent a “checking on status?” and got an answer to that, which was in fact, a ‘pass’ to my query. But had I not sent the “checking” email, then I would not have known.

So, is the book agent industry moving towards “not notifying”? I stewed about that for a day, but then picked myself up by the bootstraps and soldiered on. I have more agent queries out.

I’ve made a couple of BIG pitches in the last month. Screenplay and stageplay. These will be ongoing, and you just have to keep with it. (and they do not notify of their rejections in this industry. You just don’t hear anything, ever again.) So, to ‘not’ get replies, is to be expected. And these ‘lack of results’ in these type of blind, cold queries, do NOT bother me. Because you just keep going.

Real life has been chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly. This blog is about creativity (it does not exist to provide a platform for me to bitch about real life happenstance), but….the truth is…real life happenstance does affect the creativity. So…yeah, it feels like creative things are on the slow side.

I am making play pitches as opportunities become available. That’s an ongoing process, and for this time of year, those opps are ‘not’ plentiful. Other times of the year, there are a ton of things to submit for.

So, what will I work on next? I have no idea.

That musical I wrote, it’s been in the “put it away” stage. That means I totally forget about it. Then when I come back to it, it’s with fresh eyes. Am I ready to delve back into it, and finalize it and get it ‘submit-able’?

We have a couple of video things on deck, but with my crazy day job schedule, it’s been difficult to manage any kind of video session or meeting. I’ll have to have some ‘solid’ days off from the day job, so I can commit to some video things.

At any rate, a facet of the creative soul is being fed by recent photography.

What creative things occupy your time on these spring days?




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