Photos: The Lake

DSCF0124 cr el ir

DSCF0100 med ir

DSCF0134 med ir

Well, FINALLY! I had some creativity “wake up” after weeks of being sick along with being  ‘shut down’. I pulled out a screenplay that’s been shelved for 14 months and in works for years, and was able to update it to draft 7. I called my writing partner to tell her “Draft 7 is on your computer.” AND…she told me a story that we needed to incorporate. So, guess what? There is now a draft 8!

It feels good to accomplish SOMETHING, after so many weeks of just existing. I cannot live without creativity. But the creativity ebbs and flows (as does life) and there are times when it goes away (hence – the only updates on this blog were occasional photos). I had such an insane creative run last fall, accomplishing so much. (I kept using the phrase “this is not humanly possible” as all the creativity was pouring from me. )

So, as my movie partner said a couple of weeks ago, when I was complaining about not getting anything done these last weeks, “This is the opposite of the creative spell last fall.”

He’s right.

For every “on” there has to be an “off”.

And other little creative tasks have gotten done, so it all adds up.

Have a lovely week!



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