#pitmad – _Suspicions_ An A.J. Chaney mystery novel by Amanda Ball

June 4, 2015 is #pitmad, which is a twitter event designed to connect writers and agents.

Therefore, I announce that I have a mystery novel all edited, completed, proofed and ready to go. It’s called Suspicions.

Suspicions is a contemporary mystery manuscript featuring female hard-nosed PI, A.J. Chaney.

A former cop, A.J. now earns a living as a PI. When hired to find out if a cheating spouse is actually cheating…A.J. finds herself in over her head.  Suspicions is a wild and crazy ride, full of twists, turns, betrayal, humor, friendship and stolen moments of love. Backed up by her former cop partner, Bobby, and with the strength of her former police department in the wings, A.J. gets swept into a whirlwind of a case.

Suspicions is the first book in the A.J. Chaney mystery series. I have several more books written. First person. Contemporary. Not Boring! Un-put-down-able.

Designed to have no slow, filler, middle spaces, this book keeps you on the edge of your seat, and leaves you wanting more.

The whole goal of this book: To Entertain You!

Synopsis found here


To the readers: Nope! Sorry. Not published yet!

To the industry professionals: I am seeking an agent and a major publisher, so I can move the writing portion of my career to the next level. I have had good success in my last few years in the industry. Now, I’m ready to move up. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve worked the farm teams. It’s time to move into the majors.

I love mysteries. I have a mystery series all ready to go. Several books are written and ready and waiting. I am a former librarian. I know what readers like. I know what I, as a reader like. I know story. I know about beginning and middle and end; plot and character; action and entertainment.

As an author, what makes me different from everyone else out there? The strongest quality in my work, (no matter what creative field: music, books or movies), is that I am an empath. I understand the human condition. I can imbue that quality into my work. People _get_ my stories–because they are full of life and emotion. My characters aren’t dry, boring caricatures, who only exist in black ink on a white page.

My characters leap off the page and into the reader’s hearts and minds. As a writer, I have one goal: to entertain you.


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