Ratpocalypse – the Trailer

Ratpocalypse – the Trailer


This is a movie I worked as an extra, under the name Higher Mission.

IMDB link to Ratpocalypse

It was THE MOST FUN I’ve ever had on a film set. Part of the reason was the speed at which they operated the production. Most movie sets are so slow, and you can get bored. Not this time. They’d set up a scene, get it in one or two takes, and on to the next. You were not bored. You were entertained!!!

They let you “watch” the filming; and they let you “react” to what you were seeing. That’s rare.

Here are my blog posts from filming:

Lunchtime 3:00pm

From Oklahoma to Russia in an hour and a half

Hot Mustang, Stunt Men, Car Chase…I think I’m in Bullitt!


I’m not “in” scenes in the trailer, but I was “at” several of the scenes you see at time markers:

0:11; 0:19; 0:36; 0:38

When they cast you, you have no idea what you are doing or what you are in for. So, I get to the Oklahoma State Capitol and discover I am to be in a movie with Casper Van Dien. [When I tell people stories of my acting exploits, I can say Casper Van Dien, and people stare at me blankly. Then you say “The Starship Troopers – guy”. Instant comprehension. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen that movie? LOL]

A Casper Van Dien movie; I got to portray an Oklahoma senator (and I was the one of the first extras they pulled out of the holding area – however that wasn’t due to me, but due to the business suit I was wearing??!?); and my ‘job’ that day had me walking the floor of the Oklahoma Senate Chamber.

Life is cool.

Some days are cooler than most!

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