Star Quality

My movie/music partner, Don, is someone that I call my ‘creative soulmate’. Sometimes you just find someone that you are in sync with. And when it comes to creativity, he and I are on the same page.

He is many things, but one of them is a real outdoorsman. When we get acting gig audition notices, which call for outdoorsmen types, we almost always submit. But not a lot has happened on that front – until now.

Last Wednesday, we got a casting call, and I think he’d be perfect for it. I email it to him, middle of the night. About 7am, he emails me that he wants to submit. I get the email about 9am. But the day is so busy, we can’t even get together for me to take the submission photos.

So, he gets some photos together, emails them to me. I edit them and we start the submission. When we are both in from our respective day jobs, we talk on the phone, and put together the “sales pitch” information that we are sending with the casting call. I keep both of our resumes updated, etc, so at least that is prepared and ready.

Wednesday at 7:50pm, we submit for this gig. The deadline is noon Thursday, so that’s running it pretty close.

All Thursday, we check messages. Nada.

Friday morning, I wake up in the middle of the night. I almost didn’t check, but I woke up enough to go check the computer. Sure enough, there was an email. It was sent at 12:53am. He had an audition at 12:54 pm – that day in Oklahoma City.

That’s 12 hours notice.

I texted and emailed him, at 4:20am, but usually his phone is on his desk. I make up my mind, if I don’t hear back, I’ll call by 7am.

So, I call at 7 and wake him up. By then we’re down to 6 hours of notice.

He says he will go to this last minute audition.

Now, if he wants to take off by himself or meet up with his friends, after, then that’s fine. But sometimes, we go off and have a fun day together, so if he wants me to go along, then I’ll tag along.

Not only did he want me to go, he needed a vehicle and could I drive?

So, with NO notice, he gets his stuff together for the audition, and I pick him up a little after 8. We head to Oklahoma City.

When we get there, we have about a 50 minute wait. We sit in the parking lot and listen to some Sinatra. We see various men, in their outdoorsman gear, go into the office. These men crawl out of city cars. Probably 80% of them have never been hunting in their lives. That’s not to say that there aren’t city men who can act like outdoorsmen. Some people are true actors and can portray anything.

But Don is the Real Deal. A real Outdoorsman. And a true actor.

None of these men that walked in had that indefinable thing. And when it’s time for Don’s audition, he gets out of that car and struts into that building like he owns the place.

What is the difference between him and everyone else we saw?:

Star Quality.

He’s got it.

In spades.

He was in the office about 20 minutes. He comes out, sits in the car, and tells me everything that happened. It was a line that you say, but you get cut off. Then there were reaction shots.

Well, Don is the king of reaction shots.

I said, “It sounds like you nailed it.”

He was dubious. He said, “I’d like to think I did, but maybe I didn’t.”

So, he was wound up. We had talked all the drive down about where to have lunch, but no one had decided. We just drove down the street and found an upscale pub, and went in and had lunch.

After that, we headed home. About 2/3 of the way there, his phone beeped, and he had LANDED THE GIG!!!

Woo hoo!!!

Star Quality, baby! You can’t beat it.

(Of course, being a true actor with talent is a wonderful skill to have in your toolbelt.)

DSCF0583 med ir


They shot the gig this week.

Stay tuned…

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