Noir – the music

My brain is firing today.


Creativity is a pendulum, and all you can do is ride it out. When you are so ON that everything you touch turns to gold, then it’s amazing. But what is the aftermath? No one can function at a 95% level indefinitely. You burn it out. You burn YOURSELF out.

So, when these amazing streaks of creativity and productivity happen, then you ride it (and you’d better do everything you can to enjoy them while they last), but then you have to ‘suffer’ the aftermath.

I’ve had 5 months of aftermath. The last burst of creative brilliance in July was an idea for a short film. Then I Had To shut it down, and give myself/body/mind/spirit/soul time to recoup from the previous super intense 8 months of creative accomplishments.

So, this short film is a noir, thriller. When my movie parter, Don and I conceive these ideas, they grow soooo big, we can’t seem to accomplish them. So, I am limiting us on this one. No large cast. No need to acquire sets or major props. Film it with what we have now.

And now, finally, maybe it’s time to move filmmaking to the front burner. Last year, we built a major proposal for a thing code named Project D. We didn’t get a green light, but it’s still in the back of my mind. So, this is a ‘toe in the water’ so to speak. A short film, but good quality, to send to festivals and get more stuff rolling out there.

So, what happened today – ie why am I blog posting when things have been so quiet lately?

Well, I want a haunting instrumental music piece to go over the ending credits.

An idea fires in my brain. I go to the piano. I keep a recorder there and notes, so when these moments happen (the last song I composed was what? July??), so when I’m checking notes and recorder, I am sooo afraid the noir idea will fly out of my head.

But finally I get it laid down on tape. Now it exists in the world, and I don’t have to try to ‘hold it’ in my head. I wanted a haunting, eerie piece of music. And it didn’t exist before today. Sometimes a song will be ‘in there’ in you, for days and you think on it and evaluate it. Today, it just popped into my head.

I hope my audio recording skills are good enough to let me lay it down (for real) in my home studio. Goodness knows audio engineering is one the things that my skills are not adequate at –  at all. But I will try it here, and see.

The music is what’s new for today. The ideas for the short film have been percolating around in my head for months, so maybe, even during the creative shut down, something was ‘working’ back in there.

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