I’ve taken a few skyscapes photos as of late. The timing has been right, that when I drive home, the sun is setting, so I’ve been able to see some amazing sunsets.

This particular sunset was so much more dynamic than it appears on camera. I could not find a camera setting to capture it. Or maybe my eyes view things different, and the camera view was accurate and my eyes were faulty? Who knows?

I’ve had a few rumblings of creativity bubble up, so I hope it is all coming back “online” and I’ll be back to normal soon. I’ve been in a massive 8 month creative shutdown (the result of creating 8 projects in the previous 8 months).

So, what’s bubbling?

Well, art has cropped up, again. In the past, I’d think “if I could just draw, or use a pencil, etc” I’d be happy. I got lots of adult coloring supplies for my birthday. And boom! I could ‘handle’ the implement. Whether it was a brain function that suddenly worked, or the hand/arm muscles that suddenly worked – I have no idea. But….it suddenly worked. So, gee if I can ‘handle’ this implement and create art out of my hand, as my brain directs it to – then real soon – coloring will not be enough. I want to create real art, original art, etc. So, I build two pieces of real art. And splat! Total amateur hour. Looks like a second grader scratching with a pencil. But…I have some good training thanks to my high school art teacher, and I have an artist in my creative circle, so I will work to figure out these steps, and see what happens.

I had such fun composing the last two musicals, I want to compose another. So, I pitched that to one of my writing partners, and she (13 hours later – no less (Gee…that was super impressive)) came up with a plot. So, that’s been percolating around in my head for awhile.

I composed one kick-ass blues song last week. I think I’d composed one song around December, but nothing for months before that. So…yeah, a few things are bubbling around in there.

[It’s funny, but blues is not one of my default ‘go to’ places. I have written very few blues songs. The last one I wrote, I took to the studio, and my guitar playing was beyond bad. So, I’m gonna need to find me a good blues guitarist to lay down tracks in studio. Yeah, I’d love to be able to sit down and work the guitar and learn all that, but where in the world do you draw this line? One human can only do so much. –that was one of my concerns about waking “art” up. How do I work something else into everything else that is going on? One human can only do so much. But…I take a step back and think about it, and…why limit myself? Why not go for it?]

I don’t want just one thing:

musician, singer, composer, producer/author, writer, romance novelist, mystery novelist, journalist, poet/actor, director, screenwriter, producer, editor/playwright/photographer, and now….artist?

I want it all.

–May your spring awakenings be pleasant and productive. And for those of you moving into autumn, may the colors of the leaves and the gentle peace of autumn breezes – bring you happiness and joy.



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