The dunes of Oklahoma

DSCF0798 med ir

Wow, it looks like I made a trip to Africa to see sand and dunes.

But no, this is Oklahoma. I’ve been wanting to go to the abandoned ghost town of Pitcher, Oklahoma for awhile, so I drove through it this weekend.

This is a pile of what they call chat. Pitcher was a huge mining town in the past, and due to environmental issues, it has been abandoned and is in the process of being demolished. I had seen pictures of the abandoned empty town before I went. But by now, most of the structures are gone. All that you can see is foundations and weeds. I took a lot of pics, but there wasn’t much there to speak of.

These piles of chat are not things you’d normally see in Oklahoma. It is the leavings of the mining process, and these chat ‘mountains’ are all around Pitcher. This is the best photo I got.


So what else is going on? Well for starters, last week I wrote 38 pages on a novel. When I had left off, I was halfway through a novel. I didn’t plan to write last week. I didn’t have in my head ‘what happens next’. I just opened the file and the writing started pouring out.

It is an amazing feeling when that happens.

Driving home, I had a song idea pop in my head. This one has been percolating for years –a co-writer gave me the hook. Then one day, boom! It’s there. It is not done yet, at all. I only have lines, but still, fun when you come “on” again, and the creativity in you is working.

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