So, what’s new? You asked.

I’m glad you asked.

In the last three weeks, I’ve written half a novel.

I had the first half written during the last writing jag a whole bunch of months back. Three weeks ago, or so, the book popped in my head-as one that I wanted to read – as a reader. Trouble was, it wasn’t done yet. I read what was there.

The next part popped in my head. And boom! We were off and running. It is exhilarating, but sooo draining. You pour so much of your soul into these things.

And also during April, I was sick for over two weeks. I had a ton of ‘life crap’ to deal with (which cuts into your creative time). But when the creativity is there, you ride the wave.

I expect to be able to finish the novel in a reasonably short amount of time. I won’t put myself on a deadline or limit.

This is book five in a mystery series. My goal is to take this series to a major publisher, gain an international platform and ride this wave to the top of the charts.

I believe this is the series that can get us there.


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