Past and present

Past and present

So, what’s new this time?

Well, last Thursday, I FINISHED BOOK FIVE  in the mystery series.

What happened on Friday: I STARTED BOOK SIX  in the mystery series.

This whole project has been some sort of miracle. When it’s ‘there’ it’s ‘there’. When you need down time, you “need down time!”

I had left off on book five a year ago (I worked on other things, tho). And one day in March, boom! It Was In My Head. And when it’s there, you go with it; ride the wave; hang on tight.

And in three weeks, or so, the book was done.

Now the aftermath…drained; flat; diminished, illness. The creative process takes a physical toll. I have no internal reserves left at the moment (they are all in the dad gum book! LOL). It takes a while to refill the wellspring.

I had no intention of starting book six. But, it was there, in my head, and I whipped off 8 pages, even in the exhaustion.

And I have other writing projects started, that could be being worked on. But this is where my head is at. So, it’s what I work on.

I’m ready for music to roll around back to the front burner. It’s been dormant for awhile now. But if the writing is the thing that ‘needs’ doing right now, and if ‘accomplishments’ are happening, then I’m gonna ride with it, and not worry about the rest. (Easier said than done, –the not worrying part,  I mean.)

…And writing a whole book: That is a Huge Accomplishment! I have to make myself take a step back and say…wow. Because…in my normal pattern, it’s like “I haven’t gotten enough done. There are so many more things to be worked on…”

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