Horizon’s dream…

DSCF0899 med ir
Reality–sharp, composed, unwavering, unforgiving

Reflection–illusion, dreamlike, wavery, possibility

Horizon–the bridge


I soooo wanted to use the title “Reflections” for this, but alas…I have used it before.

It is two weeks today since I completed the last novel. It takes some recovery time to work your way through everything. I have other ideas percolating around in there. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next (in this crazy creative life). But…this mystery series seems to be it for me. Whenever I have the tiniest window of creativity, this series is what is at the forefront. I have other writing projects in works, and I’ll think it’ll be easy to pull one of them out, and work on it. But nada. This series is what speaks to me. So….my current mantra: ride the wave.

Go where it takes you.

I pulled out a guitar a couple of days ago, and sang my heart out. I hope music comes around to ‘wake up’ soon. It’s been dormant and hiding for awhile.

Wishing you all peace…

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