The Chisholm Trail – original Cowboy Poetry by Amanda Ball

The trail

In modern times, it’s a ribbon of concrete and asphalt
big rigs haul cattle to and fro – they make a full exalt
one modern driver conducts a musical, a symphony of shifting gears
they’ve been doing it this way – for nigh onto a hundred years

We might take for granted – this ease of moving beef
load ’em up and move ’em out – it’s a common enough belief
At seventy mile an hour – they roll on down the fray
But what about before that – when there was no ribbon of highway?

In the land before the fences, – Americans did love their beef
But how did they get it from here to there, to have enough to eat?
A man had a vision – cattle north we will drive
We’ll start off down in Texas – in Kansas we will arrive

His name was Jesse Chisholm – After him they named the Trail
Because he charted the path down – through wind and rain and hail
With drovers manning horses, those cattle they did move
Taking beef to the masses – whose lives he did improve

Now we do commemorate – it’s been one hundred and fifty years
we take time to educate – about the history of moving steers
It wasn’t always so easy – after all – beef doesn’t come from the grocery store
No it wasn’t always so easy- it takes a whole lot more

It’s important to remember – the history of moving bovine
so we had a ceremony – scrolls the governors did sign
We ride back down the trail – history to Celebrate
We chart a faithful path – The Trail we Commemorate

It’s important to remember – the way things used to be
Things weren’t always so easy – we take a lot for granted, you see
modern riders will reenact – we are honored to tell the tale
This September, once again, we will ride – The good ole Chisholm Trail



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