Cattle drive! It’s almost here!

In a few more days – I get to go and roam

Me ‘n’ the other cattle – and a bay and a sorrel and a roan

Headin’ to the north – just like in the good ole days

We’ll walk for a few ole miles, then find a pasture and graze


We’ll bed down there at night – at daybreak we’re on the move

Lots and lots of hoofprints made – in dirt by many hooves

Drovers ride in the dust – and bed down on the ground

Cattle lowing in the night – fall asleep to the sound


Why do we undertake – this task so rare and bold?

Why do it this-a-way – as they did in days of old?

So we’ll remember how it was – in the days before the rail

As we educate and celebrate – the Old Chisholm Trail

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