Cattle drive – getting ready!

The cattle are here!

Somehow or other, the drovers have to get these cattle trained to gather into a herd, and move on command.

Even when they are finding the best hiding places:

There is so much they have to do to get ready. Permissions for places to camp at night. Places for the cattle to graze and have water. Permissions for what roads to drive on. On highways, they need law enforcement escorts.

You have to consider things like pipeline right of ways, railroad crossings, road construction, oil field equipment, etc. You have to make sure the horses have water and feed. You have to have supplies for the drovers.

You have to find experienced drovers, experienced wagonmasters, experienced trail cooks.

The amount of work involved is enormous. A cattle drive doesn’t just happen. It takes literally years worth of work to get to your starting day.

Horses have to get shod:

Sage getting horseshoes

Wagons have to be hauled out to the starting place:

The orange tongue really jumps out at you. Did they have orange paint in the old days? ha!

Even loading the longhorns and getting them to the starting place is not easy:



Yeah…I stood there for about an hour and these longhorns – named Caldwell and Fleetwood – did NOT want to get into that trailer!

They don’t just go places because you want them to. They do have a mind of their own!

Then they moved them about twelve miles from their own pasture to the starting place of the cattle drive. But…what happens when you have a flat?

This 2017 Cattle drive is an adventure that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are thrilled to be able to part a part of it.

Being a part of this – as both a movie maker and an observer – is both an honor and honestly – quite scary! When this happens on the trail, then the people who are there are the ones who can experience it. But if we can capture video footage and make a movie and tell a story – then many, many people can share in the experience. For years down the line – people can see this movie and learn about the life of how it was to be a Cowboy and drive Cattle on the Chisholm Trail. I alternate between going “this is sooo cool!” and “wow…to even attempt to make this movie is a HUGE undertaking”.

I’ll be posting updates here as we go along.

You may also follow the O-K Chisholm Trail 150 Cattle Drive facebook page.

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