Where we’ve been – and where we’re going

Imagine standing in the middle of the lone prairie.

The only sounds are the wind through the grasses, the bellow of the cattle, and the neigh of the horses.

You see the bright blue sky, and you marvel at the majesty of the vista that is before you.

Imagine the cowboys, on the trail for all those weeks – no shelter, no roof, no bed.

It’s easy to fly by things in the world at seventy miles per hour.

But truly, how many of us have ever slowed down enough to walk – at a horse’s walking pace, and observe the world around us?

History is right in front of us.

That’s why we do this: to show the way that things were.

Much like the passage of time, memories can be erased.

Where were we yesterday? Who can remember?

Much like these tracks that link today’s starting point to today’s ending point…

we ride this trail to stay connected.

Not just to the past – but to the future. Along the way, we connect with each other. We have made friends. One of the riders on the cattle drive said it best, “When you make a friend out here, then you have made a friend for life!”

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