On the Trail

Monday night from the trail.

We had such a beautiful sunset!

Then Tuesday morning – on the move:

For most of the drive – two of the wagons drive ahead. Then comes the cattle drive (top of the hill). The rest of the wagons follow behind.

Can I take a moment to give a shout out to the law enforcement and highway workers who have provided escorts to the cattle drive? I have spoken to many, many of these people out on the road (“Hi! I’m the camera crew. I’m following the drive and making a movie!”) Every one has been so helpful. They have provided such a level of safety and assistance. Without this, this cattle drive would not have been possible.

Who are the other unsung heroes of the cattle drive?

The hosts. Property owners, farmers, and ranchers all along the route have allowed the cattle and the drovers to stay on their property. It can be a lot of disruption to have so much traffic on your road. At each stop, cow camp is open from 3 to 6. It is wonderful to have members of the public come out to share in this cattle drive experience. The property owners who have allowed us to stay on their property have been amazing.

I met the owners where the cattle drive camped on Tuesday night, and you could not find more helpful, gracious people. That has been my experience along the whole route.

The owners allowed me to access their private property to go get some amazing footage. And it was nice that the cattle had such a pleasant, comfortable place to stay!

I have had a couple of questions that go, “Where did these cattle…come from?” “Did people volunteer to let their cattle be a part of the drive?”

The answer is: The cattle are rented!

In 2017, for a ceremonial cattle drive – you have to rent cattle.

I’m sure that in the 1870’s, those drovers would have laughed at the concept!

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