Skyrockets in flight

Don‘s acting career is taking off like a skyrocket. The last two years, he has booked gig after gig after gig. Two weeks ago, he had acting gigs on three different productions.

This week, he booked a gig. He needed to go a day ahead for covid testing. We had been talking about wanting to go out and celebrate a milestone of the number of views on the Chisholm Trail – Past and Present video.

So, he booked the gig. We left at 8am. Got to the covid testing site at 9:51. They open at 10. We wait and wait and wait. And wait some more. You are supposed to stay in your car. It’s drive thru. We wait some more. They test two people from two other cars. But, for some reason, they looked at our car (the only other car there) and just disappeared. So, we were there 28 minutes.

There is a sign there, that has a phone number where you call them to say you are there to covid test.

Finally, we got done. Whew!

Most of my movie work of late has been office/promotion/sales/business papers. That doesn’t make for interesting blog posting. But getting to road trip with Don, even for one day, is super fun.

Went shopping, then went to lunch.

Don at Cattlemens

When you are in OKC and you want to celebrate. Where do you go?


Chicken fry!

We both got a chicken fry. I can’t tell you the last time we went to Cattlemens. It is sooo worth it. But, we aren’t the only ones who like it. Guess who else likes it? Just guess.

Give up?

OKC skyline

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