About me-personally

I do not have the facial recognition gene.

So, at book signings or performance events–please come up and say hi. But 99% of the time, I will not recognize you. Please _tell me who you are_ and how we know each other. I can probably tell you every conversation we’ve ever had. But I don’t have the face recognition thing – at all.

It really baffles people. So, if I’m formal and act like I don’t know you – that’s why.

AND – I have a condition called ‘multiple chemical sensitivities syndrome’. Most people have never heard of it. But, various chemicals can make me very, very ill.

So, as a consequence (in order to protect my health), I don’t like for people to touch me. If I get those chemicals on me (hairspray, scented laundry soap, perfume, etc), I can become very ill.

So, please don’t be offended when I don’t hug people. (This is the hugging-ist society!?!?) All I’m trying to do is to protect my health and avoid the migraine.

(If anyone else has this, I have had great deal of success by adding a (high quality) magnesium supplement and eliminating as many nitrates as I can.)

Best wishes to you all for peace and happiness and good friends and good health!

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