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Looking for a kiss at the end of the rainbow…

Mother nature sent us some beautiful pictures this evening. I didn’t even know there was a rainbow. I stepped out to see if it was still raining. Then I ran to get my camera!


This is Elvis week. We lost Elvis 40 years ago today. He was the best of all time. The best there ever was, and the best there ever will be. Late in the night last night, when I wasn’t sleeping, I was surfing youtube. I found this. I had never heard this version before.

This may be the best musical performance in the history of musical performances.

So thank you, sir, for sharing your talent with the world. You are a guardian angel – for those of us mere mortals who aspire to change the world with our song.


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Today I went into Kansas scouting locations for the cow camps for the Chisholm Trail Cattle drive next month. Along the way I saw the Country School Museum.


None of these photos are of the actual cattle drive locations, (one prairie field looks pretty much like another…), but these were some fun shots I took while I was out.


We are gearing up and making plans. All along the drive today, I was (in my head) editing video for the shots that we don’t even _have_ yet.

I love westerns. This isn’t a western movie per se, but it has horses and cattle and saddles and cowboys & cowgirls wearing boots and chaps. It has people cooking over a campfire.

It evokes the mental image of a cowboy playing a guitar under the stars, as the cattle are lowing nearby.

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Cotton Candy Clouds


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Moments of peace

Moments of peace

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Branching out


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Prairie Sunset


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At the end of the rainbow



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