Moments of peace

Moments of peace


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Holiday Greetings!



Branching out


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Prairie Sunset


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At the end of the rainbow



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Autumn at the Arboretum






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Suspicions – the prologue


an A.J. Chaney mystery (book 1)


Amanda Ball

When I bent over, something fell out of my pocket into the front passenger floorboard. I leaned down to get it, suppressing the audible oof as I bent over double. No longer was I twenty-something and as bendable as a gymnast.


I froze. While I no longer had the body of a twenty-something, I did still have the reflexes. And I knew a gunshot when I heard it.

My mind raced, as I calculated probabilities. The shot had hit the back glass, but the glass hadn’t shattered.
Was this a random shooting? It could be that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But, given the insane nature of the current case I was working, I doubted it.

Pop! Shatter…

The second shot took out the glass. It was instinct, but I buried my face on the passenger seat, with my arms wrapped around my head to protect it.

If the shooter was behind me, I had no exit. To open either the driver’s door, or passenger door, would be instant exposure. The next step after that would be instant death.

The shooter held all the cards on this one.

I had no play here…none at all.

Well, hiding my face in the seat wasn’t going to do me any good. Someone could walk up and shoot through the passenger window, and that’d be it. I’d be gone.

This was broad daylight. It would take some balls on their part, to walk up and shoot someone through a car window.

But, dammit, they were already taking a risk shooting out the back car window, on a city street, in view of all sorts of potential witnesses.

It took an effort, but I made myself loosen my arms. I peeked through my forearms where a tiny sliver of sunlight came through. I saw no one.

That did not change the fact that I was here…still pinned down…still a target.

How the hell did I end up at this place?


That, my friends, is how we do it! You need something to “grab ’em”. You need something to make people want to read more.

Does this prologue accomplish that goal?

I have had a pretty stellar writing career thus far. Now it’s time to play in the major leagues. This series is the one to get us there. I have several books written, and now it’s time for them to go out into the world.

Thursday is #pitmad on Twitter. I seek an agent and a publisher to help promote these books on a global level.


So, what is this all about?

A.J. Chaney is a female PI. As a former cop, she has been trained in law enforcement. Now she’s out on her own.

With a dynamite inner dialog, sass, competence and courage, A.J. takes the hard-nosed, hard-boiled female PI archetype to the next level.

As for the series: it has plot, pace, action (and more action and even more action), characterizations, secrets, twists, and drama.

_Suspicions_ is a page turner.

What is the best review I have had for this book:

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