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In honor of World Poetry Day


…it’s elusive

…it’s backwards

…negativity all the time


…out the window


Love thy neighbor
…me me me me all the time

…budget cuts

Respect others
…everyone is wrong but ME ME ME

…long gone

…tenuous connection

Information age
…selling fear

Stand up for one’s self
…mob mentality


What Should Be
…the way it is




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untitled – published in The XZBT

I was lucky and blessed to have an original poem (not published any where else, yet) published in a literary magazine: The XZBT


What is the essence of poetry?

I am a songwriter, and I came to songwriting before I came to poetry. People treat it as if poems are songs without music.

For me…no. Poetry comes from such a different place inside me. I seem to store up the poetry creative bursts, and not write poetry for months, then I’ll have an inspiration, and several poems will come forth in a day or so.

I love poetry, both original and others, because it’s so subjective. There is no right nor wrong interpretation. The beauty of the art form, is that each instance can touch the reader, in a different way. It’s wonderful to hear and to know the differences that evolve from the interpretation.

This current poem (click on the above link to read) is about…

restraint. When you feel something, for someone, and you must, must hold back. You can’t let it show. And what toll does that take?

So, for that particular emotion, on that particular day, for that particular person, a poem was the only conceivable form of expression. One must have that esoteric illusion, perhaps, delusion, to state something so clearly, (the emotion), but add many layers of invisibility (to hide who it is truly for and about).

Sometimes a song isn’t enough; fiction isn’t enough; non-fiction isn’t anywhere close; and film…how could you take that moment and film it? I have no idea, and I can be rather non-linear.

But a poem…a few chosen words, (I just counted and there are 44.) 44 words. To completely convey a thought; a moment in time. What if you choose the wrong word? Where else can you take under 50 words and get your point across?

They say less is more. If I’d tried to convey that moment in time, in 5000 words, perhaps the meaning would have become muddled. I could state the thought more clearly in 44 words, than 5000. Of course, there are other projects, on which one needs 5000 words. Or 50,000. When you are a writer, you are in the driver’s seat. The control one has is astounding. To have a blank white sheet of paper (be it virtual or actual)…and to have the power to decide what goes on it. Will the choices you make affect people; touch people?

Do the words on that page reach out and speak to people?

What makes someone want to read your words?

What is it to be given a gift to be able to communicate with people, via the written word?

Perhaps we all have it…just waiting to be discovered…


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