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Well, we are now playwrights whose play has been produced.

Who would’ve thunk it? 🙂

My co-writer, Karen Ball, and I wrote a short stageplay, called Beth. We entered it into a contest. We were chosen. Wow. That is amazing. To be unknown playwrights and to “break in”…that’s virtually impossible.

So, today, off I go to Stillwater, Oklahoma, to see our play performed. All we did was write it. The Troupe d’Jour theatre troupe produced the plays, to benefit the Judith Karman Hospice.

So, all the casting and directing, and acting was left to someone else. Whew! LOL

They had a nice “meet the playwrights” luncheon, and then the play festival was at 2:30 at the Sheerar Museum in Stillwater.

Sheerar Museum-Stillwater

Sheerar Museum-Stillwater

The director was Bonnie Cain-Wood. She did an amazing job.

Bonnie Cain-Wood and Amanda Ball

Bonnie Cain-Wood and Amanda Ball

The cast:

The cast of Beth

The cast of Beth

(Left to right)

Jack Hodgson playing Al

Maddie Sheets playing Kim the Waitress

Melinda Keeton playing Beth

Lauren Jury playing Joanna the Mom

and the director…Bonnie Cain-Wood.

Not pictured: Cody Whittenburg playing Chris the Friend

A still from Beth

A still from Beth

Our page in the program:

Playbill program



They had a clothesline of men’s shorts (since it was a “shorts” festival, and you could put a dollar bill into the shorts to “vote for” your favorite play. The money went to Hospice.)

Beth shorts

Okay…so THAT’S something you just don’t see everyday!!! LOL

It was a great day. I didn’t know what to expect, not having done this before. But the caliber of production was good. The acting was top-notch. This was all much *more* than I had expected it to be.

I met some great playwrights, and actors and directors. But, most of all, it’s great to connect with other creative types. The play is about expressing positivity. Right whole life is about eliminating negativity. An audience member told me at intermission that our message really came across.

With their permission, I filmed the play and put it on YouTube.